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We are a company specialized in business digitalization, developing applications for mobile devices, with the aim of connecting the company with its customers and internally facilitating the connection 24/7 days a week to all its workers.

We offer mobile application development in native systems for ios and android or through webapp (WPA), websites adapted to mobile devices, to have a company always connected. Each mobile application (App) developed is designed to make the most of its benefits by offering services that were impossible until now and increasing the business opportunity.

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Customer orientation

With a mobile application for your company, it will allow you to get to know your customers better, will allow you to connect with them wherever they are, by sending them personalized offers, depending on their preferences, reducing operating costs.

We focus on customer needs, with the aim of increasing business profitability, thanks to new technologies. Our effort is focused on carrying out the idea of our clients, contributing to the project all our experience in the development of mobile applications.

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The main objective is to achieve maximum business efficiency through digital transformation. Mobility is key, because "the employee moves within his organization, on the street, anywhere."

There is nothing better than concentrating all your efforts on the essentials to achieve your business objectives. That is why these types of solutions also involve an advisory service, configuration, personalized attention and maintenance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Projecting a professional image of the company, whatever your size is important for customers, seeing that it advances with the technological changes that are taking place in society.

The digital transformation is also the key to customer loyalty, increasing the trust they place in the company. It opens a channel of direct communication with customers, improving and bringing them closer to the services that the company offers and opening the opportunities of new services, to date unimaginable.


Development of mobile applications for all types of business, depending on your needs.

Functionalities adapted to each business, with the aim of strengthening the relationship with the end customer.
For us the user is the center of the application and all our efforts will satisfy your needs to improve the relationship with the company.


It will allow you to communicate directly with your customers through notifications on the home screen of your mobile device.

Loyalty Systems

It allows you to create an advanced loyalty system, increasing your clients' commitment to the company.


It allows you to create a calendar of your business events, including the important information of each event.

Push messages.

It allows direct communication with all users, through notifications on the mobile home screen, allowing you to send offers and relevant information.


Thanks to the registration functionality, you can know who your users are and impact them with powerful marketing tools.


Implement your store within the mobile application. Receive and manage orders from any mobile device, facilitating the purchase process to your customers.

Points of interest with Geolocation.

Geolocate your business or points of interest, allowing to give information to the client of the indications to the point of interest.

Social functions

Integrate your profiles from different social networks.

Photo gallery

It implements a gallery of photos and videos, to promote the events.

Mobile applications development process

The idea

Every product, service or company starts with an idea. You have to ask yourself:

- Does my idea for the application fit my business?

- Does the idea of market application fit?

The objective and target audience

It is important to define the objective we intend with the development of mobile applications. What do you want to achieve with the application? Depending on the objective we intend, the strategy will be different.

It is also important to know the target audience that will use the App and how it will be used.

The development process

The next step is to combine everything with the advantages of mobile technology and develop the App with the selected technology: Progressive Webb, Android or iOS.

In this step we apply all our knowledge and experience in the development of mobile applications.

Testing and launch

Once the mobile application is finished, the beta version is launched to test with a few users.

Once the application is debugged, the launch is made for the target audience.

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Web App

We develop websites adapted to any mobile device. It allows to open the web from any terminal regardless of the operating system used.

Since they are uploaded to the web server and run in the browser, they do not require any installation. It allows to create a direct access on the desktop of the computer or on the home screen of the mobile terminals using a dialer.

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Obviously, unlike the development of applications in other programming languages outside the native of each platform, here we will have certain advantages depending on the platform chosen, let's see what are some of them.

Maximum performance on devices

By taking advantage of the benefits of a native programming language, we will also be taking advantage of the maximum performance of the devices that have that operating system.

User experience is increased

As indicated above, to obtain a better performance, you are in turn getting a better user experience in terms of load times, fluidity and design.

Applications available from the App Store

As expected, fully native applications have greater visibility in the application store, above hybrid applications or WebApps.

Notifications available

Surely you have noticed that on your device, some notifications constantly launched by the same applications appear. This is one of the advantages of developing in the native language of the platform, since by allowing the best possible performance to the functions of a device, including the notification system

Constant Updates

Due to the visibility that these apps have in the respective store of each system, the feedback from users increases, which leads to developers getting to work and updating more frequently.

The figures say that more than 75% of people who surf the Internet daily in Europe do so through mobile devices, and worldwide this figure already reaches 57%, which means that a large number of users prefer this mode on computers, especially when it comes to searches or personal transactions.

These are some of the benefits of having your own App:

1- If a customer has downloaded the application on their mobile, there is a greater chance of being a loyal and / or frequent customer of the brand.

2- It becomes a direct communication channel with loyal customers and we also have the opportunity to increase our sales by having a new platform to offer our products.

3- You show yourself as a brand adapted to technology.

4- By having the application on the mobile, access by the customer is faster and easier, since it is already downloaded to the mobile device.

5- It will allow you to know more about your customers, their use of the product and to be able to carry out personalized marketing campaigns.

6- Through different methods, it allows customer loyalty.

All development is divided into 3 phases:


Think before you start

Each project must be analyzed, as a unique project, which must adapt to a digital ecosystem.

We carry out work sessions in close collaboration with the client, generating creativity exercises that lead us to the guaranteed success of each project.

This phase will describe how the mobile application should be, what functions it should have and all the development planning will be agreed with the client.


Design to create new experiences

We design each project uniquely to give added value. The design merges with the functionality, creating friendly and 100% functional applications.


Use of the most advanced technological solutions

The best technology for development will be used, in order to achieve the objectives set in the previous phases.

In development, the user becomes the center of the application, to get unique experiences.

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Developments available

What our development includes:

  • Consulting and advice on mobile marketing.
  • The best technical support. You will have fully personalized technical advice.
  • Design and parameterization of the different screens and functionalities.

PWA development

  • Users register
  • Control panel to update the contents
  • WebApp hosting
  • More than 30 functions available

ANDROID mobile Apps

  • Users register
  • Control panel to update the contents
  • More than 30 functions available
  • Google Play post

IOS mobile Apps

  • Users register
  • Control panel to update the contents
  • More than 30 functions available
  • Apple Store post

Contact us without any commitment and we will inform you of the best plan for your business and the functions required by your mobile application.


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